Microsoft releases clothing designed for the nostalgic fanatic: Hardwear

When you think of Microsoft and hardware, clothing might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, that’s exactly what the Redmond-based company did: It released a nostalgic and somewhat pricey clothing line designed in nostalgic Windows XP style. Under the name Hardwear† Of course we at Hardware Info can only provide information about Hardwear.

The clothing line was designed by designer Gavin Mathieu in Normcore, a unisex clothing style that focuses on modest and discreet clothing. The collection consists of seemingly simple T-shirts and jackets, although the Hardwear logo and nostalgic print make it a fashion statement. Many overprints refer to classic versions, for example, Paint or the popular XP wallpaper.

Prices start at $45, and you get a very basic cap. T-shirts also leave plenty of room for interpretation and cost at least $60. Perhaps most noticeable are the gray sweatpants, apparently from your local budget clothing store, for $85. No European prices have been announced yet.


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