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Microsoft formally incorporated Ben AI The chatbot has been released on the SwiftKey keyboard for iOS and Android devices. With this update, SwiftKey users can now use AI functions while typing, typing, and chatting. In addition to the existing tools, users can search for information, rewrite text, and submit requests through the chat option.

Previously, AI integration was only available to Android users in beta. Now iOS/iPadOS users can access this feature through the official app.

With AI continuing to be a prominent trend in technology, Microsoft took the opportunity to add Bing AI to Microsoft Edge on desktop and mobile devices.

A Microsoft account is required to take full advantage of SwiftKey Keyboard’s AI integration features. Users can create an account through the Microsoft Account website and follow the steps to set it up. The installation process varies by operating system.

Once set up, users can access the Bing AI chatbot by clicking the Bing icon on the toolbar above the keyboard. The AI ​​chatbot offers three different conversation styles: more creative, more subtle, and more balanced.

Users can make requests by typing or speaking in the Ask Me Something field and the AI ​​chatbot will respond with helpful answers and suggestions for follow-up questions.

To search for information, users can click the search icon on the Bing AI toolbar and to paraphrase, they can click the Show icon to access the four different paraphrasing styles: Professional, Casual, Polite, and Social.

Privacy-conscious people can choose not to give Microsoft full access to SwiftKey by skipping this step during the installation process, or disabling the feature in Settings.

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Overall, the integration of the Bing AI chatbot into SwiftKey provides users with a more efficient and interactive typing experience.

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