Migration crisis intensifies at the Polish border: Belarusian soldiers play an active role

“It was not a peaceful night,” Poland’s defense minister said of the crisis on his country’s borders. Polish border guards reported that three groups of people attempted to cross the border from Belarus. They have either been arrested or taken across the border. According to Poland, the Belarusian army will play an active role in the crisis.

The migration crisis continues at the Polish border. The authorities said that there are still thousands of migrants in the border area, who were sent to the border by the Belarusian regime to put pressure on the European Union. On Monday, the largest group arrived near the border town of Konitsa, where they became trapped in no man’s land at the border.

Little happened in Kuźnica last night, according to Polish authorities. There, migrants stay in tents and light campfires to keep warm. The temperature drops below zero at night. Elsewhere, groups of dozens of people tried to enter Poland.