WhatsApp works on communities: this is what you can do with it

A new feature may appear for the first time in WhatsApp. Developers are working on WhatsApp communities. The first pictures of this have now appeared. But what exactly can you do with this new feature?

WhatsApp met in the community

WhatsApp seems to be seeing more and more functionality that we know from other chat apps. Think about the channels in cable. The new feature that is now in development is Communities, which can be groups where administrators have more control. For example, other groups can be combined into this group. However, it is not public to others and thus remains private. For example, a didactic group is given as an explanation. This is the common group, and the classes that are part of it are separate group conversations. At the moment, it is still not entirely clear what WhatsApp wants to achieve with this functionality. So we hope to have more information on that soon.

What is certain is that administrators can also invite other people to the community. They can be added manually, but they can also be invited through the Community Invite Link. This link can be shared publicly or privately. The feature is currently in development and things may change. It is unclear when WhatsApp wants to roll out the job.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger

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