Migration is increasing in Zeebrugge again

Vlaams Belang wants to track down migrants who want to reach the UK through the port of Zeebrugge. During the first three months of this year, 848 illegal immigrants have already been arrested. This is an increase of 49 per cent compared to the first quarter of 2020 (570) and again almost the level of 2019 (995)”, MP Wouter Vermeersch said, based on figures he requested from Home Secretary Annelies Verlinden.

“In Zeebrugge, the number of reported illegal immigrants has increased significantly in recent months,” Vermeersch says. He warns that the ports of Antwerp and Ghent also face migrants who want to go to Great Britain. But since there are fewer UK shipping connections in Antwerp and Ghent, the problem is mainly in Zeebrugge. With all the consequences for truck drivers, dock workers and residents.”

For Vlaams-Belang, it is necessary for the violet and green to see the problem in order to solve the problem of immigrants in Zeebrugge. The party also points to the failed policy of deportation: “Only a minority of transit migrants who can be detained are actually expelled from the country. The order to leave the region is almost always nothing more than a piece of paper.”

It is clear that illegal immigrants must finally be tracked down, arrested and held in closed centers. Just like the local authorities, we demand a closed center in West Flanders from which illegal immigrants are effectively deported. This and nothing else will have a deterrent effect.”

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