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Sports clubs are asking for perspective through today’s fun movement in Ghent. Some of the 300,000 volunteers who keep the clubs seem to be saying goodbye to their beloved club. For the upcoming advisory committee, the clubs are asking for an important foothold for the 20,000 Flemish sports clubs and 1.4 million Flemish athletes.

Scientific research by KU Leuven, UGent and VUB on the impact of coronavirus on our well-being shows that 55 percent of young people have been doing less sport or exercise since the start of the pandemic. 75 percent of athletes miss out on their original sporting behavior, the main reasons being social contact, the way sports can be exercised, and sociability.

The inability to exercise in a group causes the collective mental decline in which we now find ourselves. “We understand that you find other sectors more important in the recovery,” says Robin Ramkers of the Flemish Sports Federation. “We would also like to go back for a pint on the balcony or attend a show in the theater. But sports also provide many benefits to society, right?”

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With today’s fun activity in Ghent, practitioners of rugby, judo, badminton, kayaking and golf wanted to prove that it is entirely possible to exercise safely outdoors. “We’re just asking for a point of view,” says Robin Ramkers. “Patients who end up in hospital during the third wave are younger and more likely to be overweight, headlines say. What are you waiting for next? Why do you keep treating the sports sector like a stepmother? Why are we at the back of the line for sectors allowed to reopen?” We want and can be an important part of the solution.”

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Sports clubs are asking for a clear vision from the upcoming advisory committee that will be held on Tuesday.

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