More and more complaints about cracks in the screen of M1 MacBook

The latest MacBooks from Apple are equipped with the M1 chip and are very popular. Super fast, long battery life and no fan that makes your MacBook feel like it’s going off. However, there may be a speck in the air.

A number of users are complaining about unexplained cracks in the screen of their new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. According to them, cracks arise during normal use. Apple has replaced screens for free in a number of cases, but most users got a hefty bill after the screen was repaired.

M1 MacBook Air and Pro cracked display

in a miscellaneous topics On both the Apple and Reddit forums mentioned Cracks may occur when the screen is opened or closed. Other reports speak of cracks that “suddenly” appeared in the screen after not using the laptop all night. Apple seems to handle complaints differently.

One affected user wrote: “I bought an M1 Macbook Pro last March. Yesterday morning, I wanted to use it again, but upon opening I discovered large cracks in the screen. I called Apple and had to pay close to 700 euros for the repair. I told them I had done nothing to damage the screen. However, the answer was that their technicians would decide if it was my fault. In the latter case, the repair would not be compensated.”

MacBook M1 screen problem
MacBook with broken screen – click/tap to enlarge.

Seriousness is not yet appreciated

It is difficult to estimate whether these problems are widespread. On the other hand, anyone who has ever worked in a help desk will know that customers always Handle their equipment properly. That coffee in the keyboard? No idea how you got there.

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On the other hand, sometimes these types of notifications are an indication of a bigger problem. problems with Offending Butterfly Keyboards From the previous generation MacBook also started with some reports from users.

How can a crack develop?

Various theories have been proposed in the reports. A small object pointed at the keyboard can cause cracks when you close your MacBook. This is a risk, especially if the laptop is in a tight bag and there is a lot of pressure on it. The second possibility is that the screen bends when you close, open, or hold your MacBook. Many users suggest that the frame in which the screen is located is too weak. As a result, the screen will not be sufficiently protected from distortion, even during normal use.

We consider the latter unlikely. The design of the MacBook with the M1 chip is almost the same as that of its predecessor with the Intel chip except for the chip. This problem does not arise there. Apple has not yet commented on the incidents. If you have had a similar experience yourself, let us know in the comments to this article.

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More and more complaints about cracks in the screen of M1 MacBook

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