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Countries around the Mediterranean are groaning in sweltering heat. The temperature in southeastern Europe and Sicily will definitely be over 40 degrees in the coming days, and a severe heat wave is expected in Greece with temperatures reaching 46 degrees. Meanwhile, firefighters are trying to put out forest fires everywhere. Ten wildfires are still raging in Turkey, many of them in Antalya, where many vacationers have been evacuated.


Turkish emergency services are still trying to get the massive wildfires under control. Of the 98 wildfires, 88 have now been extinguished. The remaining ten fires are largely raging in Antalya Province. Emergency services have already had to evacuate many hotels and tourists have already been taken to safety by boat.

The fires claimed the lives of at least six people. Strong winds hampered firefighting activities in some places. Temperatures are also expected to rise in coastal areas in the coming days. Mercury can rise above 40 degrees there.

Forest fires in Turkey. © AFP


In Sicily, firefighters had to go out 250 times. A fire outside the eastern port city of Catania forced the popular local airport to close temporarily. The police boat transported about 150 people trapped in the flames near Catania to safety.

A fire breaks out on Le Capannine Beach in Catania.

A fire breaks out on Le Capannine Beach in Catania. © ROBERTO VIGLIANISI via Reuters

Authorities expect the highest level of fire danger in eastern and northern Sicily today, with temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius. Heat, drought and strong winds cause fires to spread. According to the region’s government, some fires were lit.

Elsewhere in Italy, it has also been affected, such as the Lazio region of the capital, Rome, in Apulia and Campania. Sardinia had already been dealt a severe blow before. The forests and houses there burned. Rescue workers had to get people to safety.

Firefighters fight a fire in Sicily.

Firefighters fight a fire in Sicily. © Environmental Protection Agency


Greece is facing a “historic and prolonged heat wave”. That’s what meteorologists say. Mercury could rise to 46°C on the mainland in the coming days. Extremes of temperatures may last up to two weeks, according to some estimates. During a heat wave, nighttime temperatures are not expected to drop below 25 degrees, in major cities not lower than 30 degrees.

Air-conditioned buildings are opened to citizens in several places in the country. The government is also sending air-conditioned tents and containers to camps hosting migrants. The Greeks advise not to travel unnecessarily and to use water and electricity in moderation. Doctors advise people to stay out of the sun and not drink alcohol.

Hot weather can also trigger new wildfires. At the foot of Mount Pentelikon, near the outskirts of the capital, Athens, a heavy fire broke out earlier this week.

A historic heat wave is expected in Greece.

A historic heat wave is expected in Greece. © AP

Mercury continues to rise as Turkey battles deadly wildfires(+)

‘Historic heat wave’ in Greece: temperatures reach 46 degrees on the way

France Press agency


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