More than a thousand NGOs call for the postponement of the Glasgow Climate Summit | Abroad

According to 11.11.11, it now appears that the majority of representatives from countries of the global south will be de facto excluded from the climate meeting. “This is the result of uneven vaccination rates in the world and a lack of clear commitments by the United Kingdom, the country that is chairing and organizing the conference,” she said. “Two months before the start of the climate summit, there is still no insight into how the UK will deliver on promises of vaccination and hoped-for support in the context of travel restrictions and quarantine rules.”

So more than a thousand organizations around the world, united in the Climate Action Network, are calling for the climate summit to be postponed. “We are not making this call lightly. This climate conference is very important: floods and other climate disasters, as well as the new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, make it clear once again. And that is exactly why it is so important to represent the countries most affected by the climate crisis at this climate summit. “.

11.11.11 stresses that postponing the Climate Summit does not mean postponing climate action and that in the meantime the political urgency of the issue should not be overlooked.

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