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The advisory panel offers a cautious perspective to hairdressers and holiday parks, among other things. If numbers are low enough on February 5, they may be allowed to reopen from February 13. “It’s nice to have perspective, but there are also some pitfalls in it,” explains motivational psychologist Martin Vansteinkiste (UGent), who is also part of the expert group that advises the government.

The rules regarding travel and isolation, among other things, have been tightened considerably, but cautious possibilities were also presented in the advisory panel. For non-medical professions such as hairdressers, beauticians, zoos, and holiday parks, this perspective comes fastest. They will reopen on February 13 at the earliest, although that date is not firm. The numbers should be low enough at this point, which is not the case right now. The advisory committee will meet again on February 5 to assess the situation.

“It is good to have the perspective provided.” Motivational psychologist Martin Vansteinkiste says, “People need it, because of course this crisis has lasted for a very long time,” adding that the de Crowe government conveyed its message again in a clear and unambiguous way. This is not easy, but The current government is doing a much better job than its predecessor.

So there is a perspective, though that remains subject to change. “That’s a penny on his part,” says Vanstenkiste. On the one hand, it can give people an extra motivation to follow actions meticulously, so that relaxation is effective. On the one hand, the government does not tie concrete targets to the possibility of reopening hairdressers, for example, it only talks about “low enough numbers”. In the end, if there is no relaxation, it may be disappointing. “

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According to the motivational psychologist, it remains important for the government to communicate sufficiently to clarify the necessity of the measures. He refers, among other things, to the previous advisory committee two weeks ago, when there was no moment of contact after that. We must continue to explain the procedures to people and motivate them to follow them. After an advisory committee, we always see that the motivation increases to comply with the measures, so we must continue to seize those moments. “

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