Mountain bikers appeal on more challenging course in Zandbergen (Kontich)

Mountain bikers take a ‘hitch’ in Zandbergen. © rr

Kontich, Edegem

A group of mountain bikers/dirt bikers who regularly use Zandbergen’s terrain along the E19 in Kontich/Edegem are desperately clamoring for a new course at this location. According to them, the potential of the site is underutilized. “Since we presented our plans to Kontich Municipality in February, it has unfortunately been quiet so far,” says MTB’er Robin Dua.

Zandbergen, located largely in the Kontich region, has been a favorite terrain for mountain bikers, BMX riders and other cyclists for many years, with a black trail from Sport Vlaanderen. “It’s even one of the few places in Flanders where you can still dirt jump legally,” says Dua.

“This place has great potential and we would like to take advantage of it. The current track is 1.4 kilometers long and is not nearly as technical, which makes it challenging. That is why we have developed a course that is twice as long by ourselves and is also more technical and attractive. Together with Sport Vlaanderen and MBF Vlaanderen We want to make this a nice place.”

“Some suggest that the park area has a jungle theme, but I think the two can be reconciled very well. Even the natural part could be managed better in our story. We try to take care of the upkeep and clean up the trash regularly, because there are the usual things left behind from parties he throws.” Some people here. I would be happy to volunteer for the voluntary maintenance of such an attractive road. This way we create a safer feeling for visitors while at the same time introducing sport in nature. It’s a win-win situation in an area where we see almost all sporting opportunities disappearing into the green. There are no An approach like the one we’re taking now is also not a real long-term vision.”

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“This takes time.”

“We are open to the issue of mountain bikers, but many criteria and partners need to be taken into account. And this takes time, ”answers environmental board member Karel Van Elshocht (Open Vld). “After all, it is a nature reserve there. So we have to measure very precisely where there is valuable nature and where there is not, where we can build trails, how to define the whole and how to apply it in order to respect all the rules.”

“Together with partners such as Sport Vlaanderen, Natuur en Bos and Natuurpunt, we are working on a global plan for the entire region in order to come up with a proposal that everyone will support.”

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