What is the effect of sweeteners on your health?

can of iced Cola Zero, sweetener in your coffee, sugar-free gum, or your favorite low-calorie ice cream from the supermarket. All of these products contain less sugar than the original thanks to the use of sweeteners. For example, a can of cola zero has less than 1 calorie, a can of cola zero contains less than 1 calorie, and the same can with sugar contains 139 calories. Less sugar and fewer calories, that sounds good. There is still much debate about the use of sweetener. Is it still good to believe? We picked it for you.

Sweeteners, how do they work?

Sugar in products can be partial or total They are replaced by sweeteners. Most sweeteners are sweeter than sugar and contain fewer calories. This makes it possible to make a product that contains less or no sugar and is still very sweet. Sweeteners can be divided into two types: intensive sweeteners and polyols. We have listed the difference between these and other sweeteners found in this article.

Are sweeteners bad for you?

There are many rumors about sweeteners. It is often believed to be harmful to health. As a result, regular research on sweeteners has been done and it shows time and time again Sweeteners are harmless We are. All sweeteners in Europe are approved by European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). Fieuw, so you can safely take sugar-free gum on your way to your appointment.

Using sweeteners is not a problem as long as you do so in moderation. But how much is too much? To illustrate this, the total daily intake (ADI) From all the different types of sweeteners that were examined. The ADI shows how much of a given type of sweetener you can eat per kilogram of body weight per day. That’s too much! You can calculate the maximum amount of sweeteners you can consume here.

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Why not take a lot of sweeteners

Have you been going too fast with Coke Zero lately? And did the bottom of the tub of sugar-free ice cream appear sooner than expected? Do not panic. It’s not often that you’re above ADI. For example, someone weighing 60 kilograms still does not reach their maximum intake after more than nine liters of Coke Zero. But exaggeration is also a profession. Although diet soda does not contain sugar, it is still not a “healthy product”. The acids in soft drinks aren’t exactly good for your teeth.

In addition, sweeteners can have a laxative effect if you eat too many of them. Also keep in mind that replacing sugar with sweeteners can help craves Sweetness does not decrease. Just like sugar, you also preserve it urge to sweet standing.

Sweeteners, yes or no?

Sweeteners are not unhealthy, scary, or bad. Our only advice: use common sense. If you want to watch your calorie intake, for example, a product that contains sweeteners instead of sugar can be a good alternative. In this case, don’t just look at the calories, but check the full nutritional value of the product. This is how you make it easy The right choice for you.

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