Mountain crosses evoke passions in Italy

In Italy, a heated debate arose over the placement of crosses on the peaks of the Italian Alps and the Apennines, after several media outlets reported that Albino Italiano Club (CAI) – Italian Climbers’ Club – asked during a debate at the Catholic University of Milan not to place crosses on mountain peaks. It was then reported by various media that the association called for the removal of crosses adorning mountain tops in areas such as South Tyrol. Both Italian politicians and well-known Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner from South Tyrol denounced the removal as inappropriate and pointless.

The Albino Italiano Club later explained that it had never demanded the removal of the crosses, thus erasing the past, as it were. But its maintenance should be our concern. On the other hand, the association believes that it is inappropriate to put new intersections. Leave the crosses on the tops of the mountains, but don’t add a new cross. This is our point of view. Today is marked by an ever-expanding cultural dialogue and by new landscapes and environmental needs. This leads to not approving the placement of new crosses, but also other icons on our mountains.

The Albino Italiano Club notes that there was no intention of provoking social discussion. In addition, the Society already monitors the condition of mountaintop crosses and takes care of their maintenance when necessary. Francesca Carusomember of the local council for the culture of the Lombardy region, during a discussion on this issue at the Catholic University of Milan, answered that conflicts of view should be avoided and called for dialogue: Particularly from a cultural point of view, a priori rejection is a wrong choice: the symbol of the cross is the guardian of history and traditions that, over the centuries, have enriched the identity of our country. In a picturesque landscape, crosses can be a cultural element for everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, and sometimes an artistic element that they encounter on their way.

Critics note that the debate has been deliberately fueled and polarized by right-wing government circles. President of the Italian Alpine Club Anthony Montana He stated that the issue had not been discussed within the association, let alone taken a stand. Editor-in-Chief and President responsible for the activities of the Italian Alpine Club (Cai), Mario Albino Ferrarisite administrator, Pietro L’AquilaThey have since announced their resignation. Club Alpino Italiano will not release or publish any new statements on this matter until further notice.

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source: TG24 / LADGE

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