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A new week means a new overview full of music news! Finally that is possible Eurovision Song Festivato It started, and what an exciting edition it was. In the end, Italian rock band Måneskin won the main prize. Also good news for fans A $ AP Rocky On Rihanna, Because at last the rapper confirmed his relationship with the singer, something everyone had already been secretly waiting for. Ex-member of Little Mix Jesse Nelson Announces her solo project, and Demi Lovato From now on, life will pass as non-binary. Read the full overview below.

Italy wins the Eurovision Song Contest

Yesterday evening, May 22nd, it was finally time for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest Final in Rotterdam! After an exciting recording, the Italian Manskin emerged as the winner. During their performance in “Zitti e buoni”, it became clear that the country had a good chance of winning first prize, and the bookmakers were right. So next year we’re all going to Italy. On the other hand, Belgium ranked nineteenth, contrary to the aspirations of Alex Callier, founder of the hofferphonic company. He was hoping to secure a place in the top five. Another amazing result was for the United Kingdom, which managed to score zero points.

Morrissey on A $ AP Rocky’s new album All smiles

A $ AP Rocky revealed new details about his upcoming album in an interview with GQ. Successor to Tests From 2018 tentatively titled All smiles It includes a collaboration with Morrissey Corporation. The singer is said to have “written, produced and contributed to singing” on the new album. Rocky admitted that the co-founder and singer of The Smiths does whatever he has to do.

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In an interview with GQ, the rapper also confirmed his relationship with Rihanna. He calls it the love of his life.

This year’s graphic novel about the life of Freddie Mercury

Freddy Mercury Life lover, singer of songs It is based on the life and words of Queen Frontman and will be released sometime in November with Z2 Comics. Written by Tres Dean, the book is a journey through Freddie’s life: from his childhood in Zanzibar, through his formative years in England, to becoming a rock star known and loved by millions around the world. The story is illustrated by Kyla Smith, Robin Richardson, Safiya Zerrougui, Tammy Wang, and Amy Liu, with an accompanying cover painting by David Mack. It is said in Mercury’s own words, with each chapter looking at many aspects of his life.

Radioheads Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood form new project The Smile

Radioheads Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood form a new project: The Smile. They are joined in the trio of jazz drummer Tom Skinner, who plays the Kimmitt Children and the solo project Hello Skinny, among others. Nigel Goodrich, permanent producer of Radiohead and member of Atoms for Peace, is also partnering with York. The smile is named after a poem written by Ted Hughes.

Yorke, Greenwood and Skinner made their debut as special guests on Saturday, May 22nd at Live at Worthy Farm, a live broadcast event held in the grounds of the Glastonbury Festival. Coldplay, Haim and others completed the line-up.

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Jesse Nelson signs his first singles record deal

Jesy Nelson announced that she signed her first solo contract since leaving Little Mix last year. The singer, who said goodbye to the girl group in December, signed a deal with Polydor to release the music as a solo artist. The date for the release of the new music has not been confirmed.

Demi Lovato came out as non-duo

Demi Lovato announced that she knows she’s a non-duo from now on. The artist decided to share this news in support of people who do not have the opportunity to reveal the truth of their loved ones: “Please continue to live your truth and know that I give you all the love.” So Demi prefers not to take it in the feminine form anymore.

What does it actually mean to be non-binary? Non-binary people are neither male nor female, nor male and female. In the English language they are mainly treated with neutral “them” and “them”. There are several Dutch alternatives in circulation; The gay organization Cafaria proposes “these” and “them.”

Cher is 75 years old and is playing a world-class CV

Cher announced on the eve of her 75th birthday that she would let her life story unfold on the silver screen via Universal Pictures. The yet to be titled film was written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Eric Roth. You can recognize him by making a movie Moonflower killersIt is currently in production. Cher will be produced by Judy Kramer – who came up with the idea of ​​turning ABBA’s song catalog into a musical Mama Mia! The Playtones Gary Goetzman who de Mama Mia!Movies with Craymer. For this they will team up with Cher herself, who played the lead role in Mama Mia!-sequel.

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