Mysterious holes discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and no one knows where they came from | science and planet

American scientists have discovered mysterious holes at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. They wrote: “They appear to be man-made. But the small mounds of sediment around the holes give the impression that they were dug by…something.”

The discovery was made by researchers from NOAA Ocean Exploration, an American organization that studies oceans around the world.

They are currently working on the longest mountain range in the world: the Mid-Atlantic Mountain Range. It stretches for 16,000 km in the Atlantic Ocean. The mountain range remains largely undiscovered and has captivated scientists for more than a century.


A dive was planned on Saturday in an underwater volcano, captured by the research team’s camera at a depth of more than 2,500 meters. There the scientists saw something they could not explain. “We noticed several straight holes in the rock. Such holes have been observed in the area before, but their source is still a mystery.”

Mysterious holes at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. © NOAA Ocean Exploration, Voyage to the Ridge 2022

They continue: “It seems that they are man-made.” “But the small sediment mounds around the holes give the impression that they were dug by…something.”

A call on social media for explanations sparked the wildest thoughts. Some saw the work of aliens in it, while others saw an unknown underwater vehicle or the remains of the sunken island of Atlantis.

More sober explanations ranged from a still unknown marine creature living on the bottom making “breathing” holes to sediment that fell through a hole in the bottom.

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