Paddington is incredibly popular after a moment of tea with Queen Elizabeth

Interest in Paddington’s bear has increased dramatically since he had a cup of tea with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. british newspaper daily Mail barren. He writes that the moment of tea, captured in a video that went viral, It can be worth more than 230 million euros in advertising. And the British did not stop talking about the video last week.

In the video, Paddington and the Queen, who ascended the throne seventy years ago, drink a cup of tea. The bear then reveals that he always has a marmalade sandwich, his favorite snack, under his hat. Elizabeth takes such a sandwich from her handbag. After Paddington thanked the Queen after a few awkward moments, they tapped the teacups with their teaspoons to the familiar beating rhythm. we will Rock You The Queen of British Formation.

“Pleasure from the Queen to the Country”

There was a lot of praise for this unique moment, which was the starting signal for the Queen’s Jubilee Music Concert. Sunday Telegraph He described the clip as “a treat from the Queen for the country.” And in the program Sunday morning By journalist and columnist Jane Moore from the sun She became emotional when Paddington thanked the Queen. “The Queen is a very good actress,” she added at the time. She seemed happy and in good health.

Those rave reviews are reflected in book sales and movies about the friendly British bear with his penchant for sandwiches with marmalade. According to analysts, the video may have generated an estimated €230 million in “free publicity”.

“Of course people in the movie world know who he is,” an expert at Walt Disney Studios said in the statement. daily Mail. But this video was seen all over the world. Paddington was already loved, and now it’s iconic. This video has taken his popularity to a new level.”

New Paddington movie in the works?

The publisher is said to be preparing a remake of the original Paddington books, which are expected to be released this fall. Behind the scenes, streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are said to be fighting hard for the rights to the third Paddington movie, which will begin shooting soon.

The first two films, partially digitally animated, were huge hits in 2014 and 2017. Since then, Part Two in particular has become the only movie title on the official website. rotten tomatoes who did not receive a single negative review. All movie reviews in English are collected on the site. The film has since lost its score by 100 percent, because after 250 reviews, one reviewer was added that was less positive about the movie.

Brits can’t stop talking about Paddington and Queen Elizabeth meeting: ‘cure’

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Paddington is incredibly popular after a moment of tea with Queen Elizabeth

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