National Director Arnaud Strebis has been elected to the Board of Directors of World Archery Europe

During the World Shooting Europe Online Congress, Director General Arnaud Strebis was today elected as a member of the Executive Board of the European Shooting Federation Governing Council. For the first time in a long time, the Netherlands has a representative on the board of the World Shooting Federation in Europe. Thus, the Dutch Shooting Federation confirms the ambitions of the international agenda at both the administrative and sporting levels.

There were seven candidates for the seven positions as board members. In addition to Arnaud Strebis, Hilda Gibson (United Kingdom) and Darko Oedel (Croatia) have been appointed for three-year terms. Jean-Michel Clearoy (France) was appointed for a period of one year. Candidates from Sweden, Slovenia and Greece were not elected. President Mario Scarzella has one year remaining in his term. First Vice President Vladimir Isheev was re-elected on Friday for a three-year term.

Three spearheads

The new strategic plan was also adopted during the World Shooting Conference in Europe. In this plan, European shooting ambitions became more realistic for the first time. In his nomination, Arnaud Strebis stated that he has three spearheads: (1) the athlete at the center, (2) renewing shooting with pride in the past, and (3) a commitment to strengthening programs for youth and adaptive athletes. In addition, strengthening governance has always been the tip of the spear for the Netherlands.

Arnaud Strebis: “I am proud that I can now contribute to the development of shooting at national and European level. The sport has many opportunities in sporting, organizational and communication terms. This requires an ambitious agenda to deliver the best players, develop talent and strengthen the foundation of the sport in Europe. This also means that work must be done On new and contemporary forms of archery.

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The World Shooting Congress was actually supposed to be held in Europe in 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, both the conference and the European Championships were postponed to 2021 last year. The European Championship was held last week in Antalya. The conference was held online with over thirty affiliated national federations in attendance.

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