Natural black visiting editors want to fight racism in science

black scientists argue In the famous British scientific journal temper nature That science must overcome its racist legacy. As guest editors, they will accompany articles on racism in science.

After the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, the prestigious magazine promised temper nature To listen to the substantive message of this movement. The magazine asked four black scientists to host editors for a series of publications on racism in science later this year.

These are political scientist Melissa Nobles (MIT), biologist Chad Womack (United Negro College Trust), geneticist Ambroise Wancam (Johns Hopkins University) and climate activist Elizabeth Wathute.

The four say that “apartheid, colonialism, forced labor, imperialism and slavery have left indelible imprints on science.” According to them, influences in science are reflected through racial theories and racial inequality in science itself.

However, the four not only want to practice scientific criticism in temper nature† They also want to show examples of successful Black, Indigenous, and Colored scholars to inspire their communities.

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