Watch Yvan de Vader Season 4 of ‘Bourgen’: ‘Suddenly it’s a lot like Belgian politics’

In the fourth series, which can now be watched on Netflix ten years after the previous series, Birgit Nyborg’s “Healthy Democracy” completely disappears. The principled and idealist politician of the past abandons almost all values ​​in favor of political expediency; She betrays her allies at every turn, and she undermines anyone who threatens her power, not least her successor, the new Prime Minister.

The fight for a greener climate is the first electoral promise of failure, yet the subject through which Nyborg and her party, New Democrats, had won the election. It all begins when a giant oil field is discovered in Greenland, an autonomous region of Denmark. With the expected oil revenues, Greenland could break free from the loophole of Danish support and become independent.

Even Nyborg, whose party opposes fossil fuels, has staunchly given in to oil extraction. Denmark also immediately became the game of the great geostrategic powers: the United States, Russia and China. Interpol is chasing the “wrong” Russian oligarchs. The European Union imposes sanctions (the comparison with the Ukraine crisis is close), and the Chinese jumped in and gained a foothold in Greenland through an oil port (the comparison with Greek ports is also not far-fetched). In short, reality is not so far fetched in “Bourgen 4”.

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