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Scientists have downloaded the free Bloomin ‘Algae app for interested parties and suspect there are blue-green algae flowers with the photo. Blue-green algae can be identified For a blue-green to reddish-brown paint-like layer floating on the surface of the water. They can occur naturally in pools, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and canals and are toxic to anyone who ingests or contaminates contaminated water. Individuals who come in contact with blue-green algae, such as swimmers and surfers, may experience skin rash, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, or muscle and joint pain. The blue-green algae flowers kill fish, waterfalls, horses, dogs and other animals.

Send photo via app

The new application should help speed up the warning process so that the risks to humans and animals are minimized. The submitted data will be immediately available for viewing on the map in use. A team of blue-green algae experts will quickly check these and let the person who reported the vision know if they are blue-green algae. Application users can set notifications of confirmed blooms of blue-green algae in the surface water in their area. Bloom’s algae application has not yet provided a complete overview of all blue-green algae locations in the Netherlands, but only locations reported by the application.

Fast, early warning

“With the application, you can quickly warn about blue-green algae. It helps water sports enthusiasts, dog owners and others to enjoy the natural environment safely.” Michael Larling, Blue-green algae expert at Wageningen University and research. “This contributes to the excellent picture of the size of harmful blue-green algae flowers in the Netherlands”. Larling says blue-green algae can confuse goosebumps, inflated pollen, flowers and fiber algae. The Wageningen team has received further training from experts in the United Kingdom, where Bloom’s algae application was developed by the UK Center for Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH) and has been operating successfully for some time. Bloom’s algae application is now also available in Dutch.

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Bloomin ‘algae-application

Download Bloom’s Algae app for free Google Games And this App Store (Application from the UK Center for Environment and Hydrology). In the application, select ‘Dutch’.

See more information on blue-green algae D. Website Wageningen University and Research.

Text and photos: Michael Larling, Wageningen University & Research

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