Microsoft is fixing bugs in Windows 11 with a new test build

Microsoft has released a new beta build for Windows 11. Minor changes were made in version 22000.65 and some issues were fixed.

Tech giant launched Windows 11 on June 24. On June 28, the first build test, version 22000.51, was officially released. This first version gave a good first indication of the latest version of Windows, but it didn’t have all the functionality yet.

New Jobs

he met Building 22000.65 From Windows 11 beta, additional features have now been added and problems have been discovered and resolved. As an add-on, for example, a search function has been added to the screen-focused Start menu. Also, for computers and smaller screens, it is now possible to stack three applications on top of each other instead of placing applications in four parts.

It is now also possible to show the taskbar on multiple monitors via Settings. Moreover, in terms of functionality, several alert boxes for low battery and display settings changes have also been updated. Additionally, Power Mode settings are now available on the Power & Battery page under Settings.

Detected bug fixes

In addition to various updates to functionality, version 22000.65 also includes a number of fixes for detected issues. For example, a remote code exploit has been addressed in the Windows Print Spooler service. Several taskbar display issues, resolution issues with settings, and search and tools issues were also fixed.

Microsoft warns that the latest version of Windows 11 testing does not free the operating system from other issues. The tech giant notes that a lot of functionality doesn’t work or disappear when testers upgrade from Windows 10 or install versions of Windows 11 on a device.

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