Netflix reveals the amazing Sonic Prime season 2 trailer

Following the great DC and Marvel franchises, Sonic is now also traveling the multiverse.

Today Netflix has a new supersonic, but also absolutely gorgeous trailer for the hit animated series Sonic head released.

In the new trailer we see scenes from the next series Sonic headThe episodes will be streaming on Netflix from July 13th.

well-known personalities

In addition to Sonic himself, the new season also features well-known characters such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, and many others.

We don’t yet know how many episodes the new season will consist of, but we’ll know in three weeks once Netflix launches.

The competitors work together

In the new season, Sonic and Shadow are once again rivals, but in the end they will put their differences aside to save Green Hill together.

There is also a multiverse story in the new episodes. In the Sonic universe, this is called the “Shatterverse”.

Check out the new trailer above Sonic head.

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