New BBC guidelines following uproar surrounding 'transgender' JK Rowling | RTL Street

BBC presenters must now deal with show guests more firmly if they describe someone as transphobic. The BBC previously admitted that comments about JK Rowling, 58, who was said to be guilty of posting transphobic comments on social media, had not been handled well enough.

“We may also need to question shareholders’ claims or assumptions.”

The BBC was forced to apologize to the Harry Potter author twice last year. Rowling has been accused of transphobia on BBC programs by trans activists, but after the accusation, the broadcaster's presenters did not ask carefully enough why Rowling was like that.

Last February, BBC Radio Scotland talked about the Hogwarts Legacy video game, inspired by the world of Harry Potter from Rowling's books. A trans woman said on air that she boycotted the game because it was “being used to raise money for the anti-trans movement.” The presenter was blamed for presenting this as fact. The BBC thought he should have disputed the claim.

“We need to pay attention to the framing of stories, the language we use, the tone of reporting, and the context and labels we place on the opinions of others,” the new guidelines, obtained by the entertainment website, said. Delivery time. “We may also need to question contributors’ claims or assumptions. Caution should be exercised, for example when using the term ‘transphobia’ to describe people who do not accept this label themselves.”

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