New characters in “Beauty and the Beast” revolve around Gaston and Levu

Filming for the series, which also features a lot of new songs, will begin in September.

Without a doubt one of the biggest hits among the live-action adaptations of Disney Classics Beauty and the beast, Which managed to make $ 1.2 billion worldwide. Now there’s a sub-series to come.

Some might think the sequel makes more sense, of course it can, but Disney is launching a bouquet focusing on the characters of Gaston (Luke Evans) and Levu (Josh Gad). However, the plot is still kept secret.

Wanted: Singing actress
Now it has been announced that the series will feature the new character Telly, a young black woman of 19 years old. She is described as the adventurous type with a hint of stealth who wants to write his “own story”. Tilly will be singing a lot in the series, so of course we’re looking for an actress with those skills.

Filming for the series is set to begin in the UK in September, but we expect it to be announced soon who will play Tilly and which characters will be added.

The working title of the series is currently Small town And so far, Evans and Judd are the only two actors who have returned from the movie. That could of course change in the coming months.

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