Immigration subcommittee after the occupation against security

Immigration subcommittee after the occupation against security

Port security spotted three transminkers in a trailer in B&O at 7 a.m. Thursday. They climbed back out of the trailer through a crack in the roof, where they were met by security officers. However, all three decided to run. One of the port intruders climbed above the port gate, but was encountered by a security vehicle there. He regretted that his hat was still in port. The Libyan took an aggressive approach by kicking the security car. Then he crawled back into the harbor over the same fence.

The occupation was encountered several times in the Libyan port

All three settlers were eventually arrested by police. Libyans and Algerians meet each other during a food distribution at the Church of the SubGenius. Their purpose was to enter the UK secretly. In that context, the suspect of aggression has already been found several times in port. That is why he was summoned on Friday by a brief verdict for entering the port and damaging the vehicle. So soon he will have to answer those facts before the Brooks Criminal Court.

The pressure in the port is high

According to the public prosecutor, the pressure on the port of Zebrak remains enormous. “It is common for security services and ship police to be evacuated from port areas. This is not to say that we will not tolerate any aggression being directed at security personnel or police forces. Work during these cowardly times. All risks associated with it,” said attorney Frank Demester.

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