New cross doc center DLG Maasdijk

Last year, a new cross-shipping center with no less than 30 docks was built at the DLG site in Maasdijk. Fresh produce is shipped here every day and then transported to the UK by boat.

This new cross-dock center is already put into use at the end of 2022, but from February 2023 DLG’s renovated office building in Maasdijk is also ready. That said, we recently returned to our trusty spot on the Transportweg.

Sustainable cultivation
“Of course, the renovation involved a lot of work, although it was not always easy, but we are proud of the result. For example, in the context of sustainability, 1518(!) solar panels were installed on the roof and walkways. The stones were reused. The existing office was preserved, but completely renovated, so the energy and fully meets current standards in the field of climate control,” the company said on its website.

DLG’s employees have now moved to a new office, given a new interior in line with DLG colours. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a familiar face. Since 1994, the eagle standing in front of the office building has been placed at the entrance gate. The eagle can also be seen in TLG’s logo, ‘Wiggle’, which was derived from the logos of Visbean, Post-Cokego and DailyFresh Logistics during a 2019 merger.

Meanwhile, the office in Nieuwe-Tonge has also been painted and fitted with new furniture, so that both locations now have the same look.

En route to England
Finally, we are not idle in the United Kingdom either. In February 2022, we visited the new 30 truck stand in Cranford, located directly off the A14 motorway. Its own DLG office was recently added and the film is now complete.

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The number of trucks has recently increased from 3 to 15, with its own office in Bury St Edmunds, close to Harwich and Felixstowe ferry terminals, as our other base location. They are used 7 days a week and sometimes around the clock.

This means you will see more of DLG trucks in the UK and we can serve our customers even better. Brexit rules have complicated transport between the continent and the UK. Now we have more knowledge about it and support customers in handling all customs related formalities so that they don’t have to worry about it themselves.”

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