New MacBook Pro to run on Apple M1X and M2 chip in 2022

Anyone waiting for a Mac with Apple’s M2 chip will have to wait until 2022, according to a new rumor. Apple has other plans for MacBooks still showing up in 2021.

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M2 chip appears in MacBook Air 2022

There are still a number of Macs to launch this year, but Apple’s second generation M series will have to wait until 2022. Here’s what a Twitter user says Delandicte, someone who has been found to have correct information on undisclosed Apple products for a few years now.

says new MacBook Air On track to be released in the first half of 2022. As we’ve heard before, this Mac will have a new (colorful) design and will be the first MacBook to run on the M2, an Apple-owned chip that has replaced Intel processors since last year.

However, this does not mean that a file MacBook Pro and “stronger” iMacThat will hit shelves this year is still running on the M1 chip. Apple is said to have developed a more powerful variant called “M1X”.

M1X will be more powerful than M1 chip

The company is following a similar strategy as with the iPad. Apple Pro tablets also run on “X versions” of the A-chips we’ve had in iPhones for years.

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If we’re to believe the rumors, two new Macs will be released this year: a new MacBook Pro with a redesigned design and more connections, and a more powerful iMac with a larger screen.

This iMac is also expected to get a new design in line with the 24-inch iMac that came out earlier in 2021. We’ve already tested it extensively. Check out the video below and iMac 2021 review To see what you think of the biggest iMac upgrade in years.

iMac 2021 review: An all-new look

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