New malware gains access to Google accounts: even after changing the password

Various security companies are warning of a new type of malware that allows cybercriminals to log into your Google account. Even if you change your password.

The problem is in Chrome. Rogue programs use expired cookies within Chrome. It can retrieve these cookies and then display them again on Google’s systems when you sign in. This system then thinks it’s good and thus gains access to your account. Even if you know malware has been installed on your system and you change your password, cybercriminals will still be able to gain access using that old cookie.

Sign in to Google services

Security companies Hudson Rock And CloudSek A warning against cybercriminals exploiting this security vulnerability. This is likely already being done frequently, because the malware has been introduced by several groups since November. The malware takes advantage of a vulnerability in the system that ensures you can automatically sign in to various Google services using your Google account. The synchronization that occurs for this works with login tokens and those tokens are the issue here.

Unfortunately, changing your password does not help, but it seems that maintaining access for a long time is not easy. So, if you notice something strange, it’s wise to change your password to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about the problem at the moment: you can be more careful when downloading software. If you don’t know something, it might be best to ignore it for a while.

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Be careful with unknown programs

Google knows about the problem and has changed something several times to stop malicious parties, but so far it’s always coming up with a counterattack. Google is working on a solution, but it hasn’t been found yet. Until this solution comes, it is better to be more careful about the software you install.

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