New RVG – “Nothing Really Changed”

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Things are moving forward again for Australian band RVG. The quartet from Melbourne have had a somewhat quiet period and are all concerned with the recording of their upcoming third album. Brain worms. In April they will be heading back to our region to deliver a supporting act for Billy Nomads in the UK. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for a new Belgian column from RVG, but we can expect the arrival first and foremost. Brain worms On June 2. The first single from that, “Nothing Really Changes”, showed that they had really changed musically.

Notable upon first listen of “Nothing Really Changes” is the electronica that permeates the band’s sound. It not only gives a new touch to their music, but highlights Romy Wager’s highly recognizable voice in a different, yet fascinating way. Musically the band sounds a bit more sophisticated, so you won’t hear us complaining. “Nothing Really Changed” has a nice denouement in the last part of the song, which was very poignant. RVG is back, and it’s different than we expected, but that adds to the surprise effect.

Brain worms Appears on June 2.


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