New Single Calva Louis – “Tranido”

Loud Guitar from the UK ினால் If you follow Dancing Pierce a little, you will know that there is no shortage of them. Calva Lewis reaffirms that statement today. The trio from Manchester have been around for a while, but don’t really release new music on a regular basis. The band’s last record starts at the end of last year, but it hit hard. As expected, after “Nine Lives” it was as quiet as a mouse for several months, but our wait was rewarded, how. Calva Louis throws us against the wall again with his latest solo in Spanish.

“Tranito”, the almost translated tyrant, actually sounds exactly like you’d expect. The song starts out very dark and mysterious, and confuses you when the girl in front starts singing effectively in Spanish. However, it didn’t take long to feel good because it would instantly explode through the guitar speakers. On the other hand, heavier choruses are replaced with less intense electronic components, all three reminiscent of bands such as The Marias and Ding Dings. Very interesting song, that “tranido” has a lot of things in it. With a nice mix of electronic and a guitar solo, Calva Louis pulls the plug and amazes us so much.

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