New Single FIZZ – “Close One”

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Things are moving fast for the new supergroup FIZZ, which only saw the light of day in music a good month ago. Since then, British musician friends Orla Gartland, Dodie, Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown have already released two singles (and now a third), selling out their first gig in minutes, and following up with their forthcoming debut album, The secret of life (to be released in mid-September) have already announced a tour through Ireland and the United Kingdom.

While first singles “High in Brighton” and “Hell of a Ride” had energy splashing from the speakers, “Close One” was more subdued in nature. Soft drums indicate a nice tempo throughout the song, which doesn’t change anytime soon. The harmonious vocals during the chorus feel very comfortable and make for a perfect soundtrack for summer days with little sunlight. We play with the instrumentals (which come to the fore each time) and at the end the different vocal lines are interwoven. FIZZ shows with this song that the quiet side that the members have as individuals can also come out in a group.

We don’t know if FIZZ is a fad, so there’s a side project with an end date for the four musicians, but judging by the first three songs, the band is safe to continue as far as we’re concerned. Looking forward to the release The secret of lifeIt releases on September 15.

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