Everything you need to know about ChatGPT bundled into one additional digital version

Maybe AI is your daily partner at work or at home, maybe algorithms are adjusting your entire health, maybe you’ve seen images that look unreal, or you’re afraid of a Terminator scenario. Either way, there’s no denying it, AI is everywhere and it’s here to stay.

If big tech is to be believed, the possibilities are endless, but with such modern technology that also comes with risks. also with the morning We see opportunities and risks pass by on a daily basis and we consciously engage with AI. That’s why this extra digital copy, because knowledge is the first step towards intelligent use. Because more important than AI is how we humans use that new technology.

In this version, we have clearly listed everything for you: from how AI works and how we can use it to the pitfalls. We’ve talked to the experts over the past few months, tested ChatGPT and looked under the hood. You can find the result here.

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Where can I find the digital version of De Morgen in the app?

You can instantly browse the digital edition on your tablet when you open the De Morgen app. On your mobile phone, you can go to the digital edition by pressing the “Edition” button in the menu.

About the De Morgen app

anything the morning It can be found in one mobile app. There are now three ways to get news and stories the morning to read.

When you open the app, you end up instantly Morning Live. This gives you access to the latest news throughout the day, as well as stimulating interpretation, analysis, interviews and opinions. With push notifications, we keep you informed of what’s important and relevant today.

Behind the Edition button, you can read our site every morning at 5 Digital Edition Find. This is a clear overview of all the stories in the paper, enriched with additional photos, videos, columns, podcasts, and long reads.

There is, too print edition Consultation, digital reproduction of the paper newspaper. You can easily browse through them digitally and open each article in an easy-to-read view.

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