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The four musical friends of FIZZ had a great few weeks. The supergroup, consisting of Dodie, Orla Cortland, Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown, saw the light of day a few weeks ago with “High in Brighton.” Since then, things have been going fast for the gang: they played their first show as a headliner, started a podcast and ticket sales for their first tour in the United Kingdom are booming. To round out the summer fun, the band released its second single, “Hell of a Ride,” online.

Like the first song, “Hell of a Ride” explodes with joy playing FIZZ. The band explores the diversity offered by the four individual band members and chooses Martin Luke Brown’s voice to carry the song. Starting with a solid bass line, the song explodes into a colorful chorus thanks to the playful, feminine harmony that seems to be a common feature in FIZZ’s music. After the bridge, which Orla Cortland takes care of, another quiet chorus plays, and then the song ends. The build-up isn’t exactly what we’d expect, but it’s nice to see FIZZ being a bit inconsistent.

In that rebellious, contrarian way, Arla Cortland sings about the rollercoaster life of her twenties: life seems pointless, the world is burning, and before you know it you’ll be ninety and everything will be behind you. That adolescent, pessimistic message is reintegrated at the end of the song: A little sunshine and friendship go a long way. Is the world burning? Then grab a lighter and start a fire, because life in your twenties is hard and messy, full of joy and sorrow, but it’s a A ride That you don’t want to miss.

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FIZZ’s debut album, The secret of lifeCan be heard from September 15.

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