New Single Lizzy Esau – “Bleak Sublime”

The source of young and impressive talent in the United Kingdom is almost indescribable. Another new artist is set to take the world by storm, with Lizzy Esa from Newcastle. Learning music from his father at an early age, he quickly picked up the guitar at a young age. He has now completely outgrown his bedroom and is steadily building his career with a good team around him. In November she can already prove her skills in a support act for Uppsala. Before she hit the road in a van, she treated us to a brand new single, “Bleak Sublime.”

Lizzie Issa’s talent comes to the fore on the impressive “Bleak Sublime.” The song starts very modestly with some atmospheric electronics and a haunting guitar, where Issa’s soulful voice comes into its own. However, the single quickly gains momentum and develops more and more into a compelling indies song after the first chorus. The guitar is a bit rougher, Lizzie Esau adds a bit more vocals, and then there’s that nice bridge to the last chorus. There she really gets everything out of the pitchers with a majestic final chord. This girl has a lot of future, that much is clear!

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