New Single Push – “More Than Machines”

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A good month ago, Bush’s men were on the Mandora stage at the Rock Am Ring. Due to Gavin Rossdale’s vocal problems and a set list of new songs, we talked about a performance on a smaller scale. This is not surprising since Bush reached his peak in the late 1990s. The Brits have eight albums to their credit, four of which were released before their breakup in 2002. Eight years later, they reunited for a reunion that featured only two of their original members. In 2022, Gavin Rosedale was the only original Bush member, but that didn’t stop him.

The first ten seconds of “More Than Machines” sounds promising, with the heavy guitars we’re used to from Bush. And that ends because the rest of this single is less optimistic. The British band seems to have lost its inspiration. It’s a strange song that tries to fill gaps with guitars in vain. Bush may have closed gracefully, but now it seems he wants to continue with the ridiculous numbers we want to avoid.

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