‘Backward law’ from ‘shameless’ Orban: European leaders press Hungary to repeal anti-homosexuality law

A European summit will be held in Brussels today and tomorrow. It is mainly related to migration, the controversial anti-LGBT law in Hungary is not officially on the agenda, but the issue was discussed tonight before the official banquet of European leaders.

European President Charles Michel decided to put the debate on the agenda earlier than planned so that the topic would not be discussed at midnight.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Patel, a homosexual, is said to have opened the debate with an emotional speech. He received support from commission chairman Van der Leyen and Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe, who said “being a homosexual is not a choice, but being a homosexual.” Prior to the meeting, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte reiterated his position: Why did Hungary not use Article 50 of the Convention on leaving the EU as the United Kingdom did?

Rutte was approved by the Portuguese Prime Minister. The Swedish Prime Minister is said to have said that Swedish taxpayers will not continue to pay money to countries that take this kind of punch. Merkel called the law unacceptable, saying French President Macron Orban was close to Putin.

Orban supported the law, saying the law would not affect LPGDI people. He is said to have received support only from Polish Prime Minister Moraveki and Slovenian Prime Minister Jansa.

The European Commission yesterday sent a letter to Hungary with legal objections to the law. Legal proceedings will continue, and the case will eventually end before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

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