Cloth falls years after fraud case against textile giant Beaulieu: the de Klerk family buys the operation for 50 million euros

Beaulieu is a Textile giantEspecially in the production and sale of carpets. The famous Roger de Clerc (also known as “The Farmer Clerc”, after his roots in a farming family) is the one who founded the company and developed it into a global player. Farmer Clerc is known for his strict controls over his business and for getting a lot of work done from the Belgian state, such as the millions of subsidies he receives to take over factories that he shuts down shortly thereafter. In a jigsaw from 1988 he said “much has been said and written”. “We also sweat a lot for the country,” de Klerk said with a smile.

The court begins in the early 1990s fraudulent records Against Roger de Klerk and his family. He is said to have said that the court (as well as journalists) were “wild boars rubbing acorns”. It was Oak and his family. De Clerck divided his company between his companies six childrenMany of them are in contact with the judicial and tax authorities.

Roger de Klerk’s grandson, Anthony “Antoniki” de Klerk (son of Jean), was front-page news for weeks in the early 1990s because he kidnapped has become. The case ended well because the family paid a ransom. Roger de Klerk passed away in 2015 at the age of 91. The De Clerck family is located in 30 richest families of our country, with an estimated fortune of about 1.3 billion euros.

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