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The founders of Simply Spanish Wine have experienced for themselves how difficult it can be to know where to start when choosing a wine that contains about 150 local grapes, more than 90 Wine Protected Designations of Origin and terms like designation of origin from Carbon soak. That’s why they have taken it upon themselves to make the world of Spanish wines easier and richer with the launch of their new online wine shop SimplySpanishWine.com.

On the other hand, this online community offers Spanish wine lovers a carefully curated list of Spanish wine for sale, which are without exception affordable and of high quality and which also represent the different styles and regions that Spain offers.

In addition to being a place to buy your own wine, this online wine shop also serves as a source of knowledge about Spanish wines. Through a series of articles, videos, and more, Simply Spanish Wine aims to bring clarity and provide wine aficionados with a basic understanding of Spanish wine so they can make more informed choices when purchasing wine and ultimately enjoy more of their wine. .


Simply Spanish wine is the brainchild of Matthew Desautier and Ben Giddings. They both made Spain their home many years ago and have been passionate about Spanish wines for a long time. After this passion, they also realized that the world of Spanish wine is not an easy one to get into. And certainly not if you’re a ‘weird’ who doesn’t (yet) have a good command of the language.

“When you go to a supermarket, you see a lot of bottles of wine, but there is hardly any information to help you make the right decision.” says Matthew Desautier, one of the founders. “You can look at the label, but unless you know what to expect from a particular grape, or how one wine region differs from another, making an informed decision is difficult.” Moreover, the supply in the supermarket is often very regionally oriented, so it is also limited to a certain extent.

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Desoutter continues: “That is why we decided to open an online wine shop and a Facebook page That makes it easy to choose a good bottle of wine. Instead of a large selection of mass-produced wines, we offer a concentrated selection of artisan wines from smaller family-run vineyards. Our store is built around easy-to-understand resources that help our customers choose the wine they will get the most out of.”

Co-founder Ben Giddings explains more. “We give people an overview of the different grapes, we talk to them about the characteristics of wine regions and we explain a little bit about winemaking techniques like barrel ripening. But we’re not trying to go over the top. We don’t want people to get confused or pedantic. We want to keep it simple, that’s where it came from. The name “.

“And the great thing is that it not only helps people better understand the wine they are buying, but we also believe it helps wine lovers feel at home in Spain. There are currently five million foreigners living in Spain, many of whom speak English as their first or foreign language. By explaining more about the best product in Spain, we hope to help them integrate into the culture and make them feel like they have a greater foothold in this amazing country.”

Matthew DeSutter

Matthew entered the world of wine more than 30 years ago through a job at a famous wine shop in Paris. Then he spent twenty years at the British Embassy in Madrid, dealing with agriculture, the environment and economic affairs. Here he developed a large network in the Spanish wine sector and continued to develop his love and knowledge of wine. In 2016, he decided to leave the embassy and devote himself full time to the world of wine by founding Matthew Desoutter & James SL through which he exported Spanish wine to the UK. Simply Spanish Wine is an extension of this project.

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Ben Giddings

Ben has immersed himself in the world of websites, e-commerce and communications for the past 20 years. He’s also been passionate about wine ever since he was offered a bottle of St Émilion for his eighteenth birthday and realized that wine could be so much more than just a drink with Sunday lunch. It wasn’t until he arrived in Spain nearly 20 years ago that he discovered the sheer variety of styles to be found in the bottle – and the exceptional value for money that Spanish wines represented. Since then, he spends his spare time traveling and tasting his way through Spain. He met Matthew through the embassy where he helped him with the digital aspects of setting up his company.

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