Science in your neighborhood every day during Leiden European City of Science 2022

Teach every day for a year. That is the aim of the Science Festival for the European Science City of Leiden 2022. Wednesday was the hybrid launch of Naturalis. “We’re going to make science visible, because we don’t realize we have to deal with it every day,” says Meta Noll, who leads the campaign in the science year.

On the first day of the European Science Festival, it’s all about the euro. It is not entirely coincidental, because the coin was introduced twenty years ago. The idea is to have a different theme every day. Each day, with the “Knowledge Through Neighborhoods” programme, an activity on the topic of the day is organized in one of the 101 boroughs of Leiden, Zuiterwood, Forschoten, Auggestest and Leiderdorp.

In addition to small activities, the school year includes many major events. In the summer, for example, there will be a big conference, the EuroScience Open Forum. This is the largest interdisciplinary scientific conference in Europe. Then, in September, talented researchers from around the world will come to Leiden to participate in the 33rd final of the European Union Competition for Young Scientists (EUCYS).

Radio Weetlust
In Key City, there is a lot of interest in all the activities surrounding the school year. You can listen to “Radio Weetlust” every morning between 08.00 and 09.00. Then Meta Knoll and Lucien Gilho spoke with the guests about the science activities of the day.

lump calendar and beer
All activities are also included in a calendar made in the 53,000+ version. Each page, and thus every activity, has its own QR code with which you can click on the relevant page finish. The calendar will be distributed in various places in the coming months. Including the amazing green tuk tuk. For example, an organization wants the calendar to reach only people who are really interested. With door-to-door distribution, they can also end up with the old paper and that’s a shame. The Leiden Bronco brewery has also developed a special beer for Leiden2022 for the ultimate “sip of science.”

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