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Led by the driving force of Mike Skinner, the Streets have been one of the most unique groups in the UK for longer than they are today. On the other hand, it is the trademark of the band which also gave them many hits. “Fit but you know it“and”Blinded by the lights” are the best-known examples of this, but the most recent None of us get out of this life alive flowed”I am me” A dance disc followed and again with Fred.. with “Mike (Desert Island Duvet)” added a solid hit to Skinner’s record. Now that it’s been quiet around the project for a while, it’s clear today exactly why: The Streets met The Darker the Shadow, the Brighter the Light “Troubled Water” completed a new record as the first taste.

That latest creation immediately goes smoothly, because “Troubled Water” became the anthem of the streets, just like we wanted it to be. As the single slowly builds up to the disc, it’s on an instrumental level, with Skinner giving it his own individuality in his recognizable Parland way. Once we get into the story, the beat suddenly kicks in and the fence is completely over. Standing still isn’t one of the Streets’ missions, and even if everything seems pretty scary, the message on “Troubled Waters” is again pretty cool: ‘If everybody minded their own business / Who they’d be’. Mike Skinner seems to be returning to the strength of his early days, albeit with a contemporary touch. It pays off.

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The Darker the Shadow, the Brighter the Light Released on October 20.

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