“Anderlecht did not lose any PO I ticket yesterday”

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“Painful loss to Antarctic”

A week ago, when Astridbark were on the benches after the win against Antwerp, we already knew that luck was weak and Kent was prevented from losing. If you miss the way Anderlech did yesterday, it’s very painful.

With the excellent help of Sven Gumz, it was insane to see how a match in which football played so badly half-time ago was determined by a superb goal.

Anderlecht always had control over the AA Gent at that moment. After the break, that too was the boss for a while, and Kent began to feel the burden of the past few weeks. Anderlecht had enough chances to win easily.

Goalkeeper Roff put in a very strong play, but did not have to do miracles. Sometimes it failed in the end like Hot and really Reflow. At such an important moment as yesterday, it could have been a little more from that brilliant jersey. It did not impress me.

Kent was the lucky winner yesterday, but has been mostly on the other side last season, where it has not always rewarded itself in the matches it should have won. Now that’s okay, of course it’s possible too.

Anderlecht did not lose their PO I ticket yesterday, but they did make some of those 10 tracks that were completely unnecessary, such as Standard, Kortrijk or Ostend. By the way, Purple & White, as vulnerable and unstable for a long time, just like last season, put themselves in a position where no mistake is dangerous.

By the way, Anderlecht has put themselves in a position to be vulnerable and unstable for a long time, in which every mistake is dangerous.

“The first 4 have not been decided yet, but Antwerp and Kent have the best cards”

If Anderlecht wins 2 more times after the international break, I can not easily assume that the first 4 places are now secured. Cercle Brugge will be an even stronger opponent for AA Gent and Antwerp.

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Cercle lost 5-0 to Charleroi this weekend, but it was due to circumstances. It has garnered very strong revenue and does a lot more for Play-off II. Also, Cercle had already won against clubs Brugge and Anderlecht, which was impressive.

Anthwerp and Kent’s other rivals, OH Leuven, have struggled against all the Tail teams this season, but have often proved to be very competitive at home against the best clubs. At the last home game of the season in 2 weeks, expect some more from OHL.

AA Gent is definitely in the flow. Seven wins in a row, it was nothing. It is now two weeks to recharge the batteries and keep them fresh. Antwerp was able to make a difference only at the end of the game against Zulte Waregem, but was very good. It really should have been 5-1.

It’s not decided yet, but Antwerp and Kent have the best cards, it’s clear.

“Rising Line at Club Brook”

We only need to remember the end of Club Brooke-Racing Jenk, otherwise it was a banal football game. Jenk – perhaps because of that surprising field occupation – was no less than a club, until the caste was excluded. If Jenk had liked his moment, things would have changed differently.

Club Brooke can certainly always rely on the class of De Kettlere and Adamon, once again a successful interim acquisition. He is certainly important with his goal, but with other goals as well as his work force and his depth.

Adamyan is very valuable and he has a player on the bench who considers himself the best on the ground – Nova Lang. This may be a remarkable one, but for now Coach Schrder’s is a very reasonable choice.

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That double hangover against AA Gent reached Club Brugge, but meanwhile it did not reach its peak and has been quietly operating in a strong series with 6 wins.

Not the heavyweights of the match played against the club, sometimes things went well, but there is an upward trend. The club has scored 20 times in those 6 matches, which is definitely not a mistake.

Now Peersat, on the empty hinge, and Kavi Machelon are following. Then it could be 6 out of 6, and then there would be Club Brooke at the start of the play-offs.

“Nerve Union”

One and a half months ago, Union Club was 12 points ahead of Brooke, and now has only 5 points. The Union has now surprisingly failed to win on home soil 3 times in a row. Against – with all due respect – small opponents like STVV, Eupen and Ostend, Union 2 took 2 and scored only 3 goals.

The Union was very weak against Ostend in the half and I find it strange that in a match you knew you had to win to keep the gap with Club Brook.

Ostend did well, but Union should have scored 4 runs after the break. They were very strong and got many chances, but missed and a little misfortune led to victory.

For example, the lead over Club Brugge is still 5 points, which will be 2 in the play-offs after the points are halved. Nothing more than that.

I also noticed how nervous they were at the union throughout the second half, with coach Massu leading the way. If you ask me, for no apparent reason, Ref was attacked by Massu and the soldiers.

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I think within the title they like it a little more strongly than it reveals to the outside world and it would be a huge disappointment if the fairy tale was not written in the end. That’s good too. Anyway, the union deserves a warm welcome anyway.

I think in Union they like that title a little more than it reveals to the outside world.

Listen to Peter Vandenbempt’s analysis of The Morning on Radio 1 Select

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