New single Willy’s organ – “Iron Pumps”

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For nearly a year, the charming, fresh country singer has left us craving new material, but look, Organ Willie is floating around again. to Let them burn Simon Plateau laid the crown early on his music project, because Khalifa Young Planet Not only did it provide a nice expansion to his musical oeuvre, but it also ensured there was more to experiment with on stage. For example, the guy launched Pukkelpop with a series of couples, a jacuzzi on stage, and a free haircut for a willing fan. You can use the word “crazy” for less. And look, after hearing their latest single “Ijzer Pompen,” it’s once again hard to stop the fun.

In other words, the flame immediately hits the pan with Willy Organ’s latest creation. A bleak new vibe blows through our ear canals, while our arms without realizing it bring out the most sinister disco dance. The man himself speaks in a great text about how he sees life now as more rosy than ever; He pumps not only iron, but also love into his heart. Just because he deserves it. “Pumping Iron” is simply everything you’d expect from a Willy Organ song, and a whole lot more. The perfect song to start a crazier chapter, preferably with bigger live shows.

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