Over 200km traffic jams today, busy evening rush hour expected tomorrow too

No records were broken with us on Thursday night. In the Netherlands, this was the case with more than 1,500 kilometers of traffic jams, Algemeen Dagblad writes. “At the peak, we had 200 kilometers of traffic jams on the Flemish motorways. This is quite high, but it’s definitely not about records,” says Bruyninckx.

Long lines on a Thursday during a school holiday, but that wasn’t necessarily due to accidents. “It’s amazing, because the number of accidents recorded by our traffic controllers on Flemish roads was very limited,” says the traffic expert. “The traffic jams that were there were due to the bad weather today. It was a rainy rush hour with difficult driving conditions. At the same time, we can assume that there were also a lot of leisure rides in between.”

The same scenario can happen on Friday evening, after the quiet morning rush hour. “We know from the past that the evening peak hours for a long weekend are really heavy,” says the spokesperson. “Certainly in the Antwerp area, we see it starts to get a lot busy in the afternoon.” There is a good chance that this will also be the case tomorrow, as the Dutch and Germans drive up to the Belgian coast via the Scheldt.

And traffic on Saturday and Sunday? “It’s going to depend on the weather. If it’s great, you’ll see a lot of people leaving for the coast on Saturday morning. However, people who have booked a full weekend like to leave on Friday,” Bruyninckx predicts. RMI expects a cloudy weekend with local showers.

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As for Easter Monday, Touring and VAB had already predicted a “very busy” Easter Monday on European roads earlier this week.

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