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SNEEK- GP practices of Klatte/Cleveringa and Th. Bakker has united in Sneek, with Postma Pharmacy, for a new build. They recently signed an agreement to establish a new and innovative health center.

More space is needed to continue delivering effective, high-quality care in the future. There is also a need for more space for collaboration between the various disciplines that are also active in primary care, such as Postma Pharmacy, physiotherapy, dietetics, podiatry, home care and also with more specialized providers.

in Eastrom

The building will be implemented in Oosterom. Signs are being drawn and a building permit is being issued.

Commissioning of the new building is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024 and commissioning a year later.

LIGHT was chosen as the building’s central theme and collaboration.

Light is reflected in the design of the building, it is accessible, and beautiful with light from the north used to emphasize the themes of well-being and gentle work (together) as well as prevention.

For interested healthcare providers; Good to know there is still some space available. Information can be requested via email: [email protected].

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