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A new constitution has entered into force in the Vatican from today. The new law, established at the initiative of Pope Francis, allows, among other things, laity, including women, to head ecclesiastical state ministries.

And so are the highest positions in Korea, as the Vatican government is called. Previously, these posts were reserved only for cardinals and archbishops, and thus exclusively for men.

Women are still forbidden to become priests, bishops or popes. Furthermore, Catholic clergy are still not allowed to marry.


The constitution provides for a simplified governance structure. Francis reorganized the councils, assemblies, and subdivisions of the curia, called the Dicastes, and gave them all the same name. All of them are now called Dicastery.

In the first place comes the missionary department headed by the Pope himself. This is a sign of Francis’ desire to focus more on spreading the faith. The Pope also promoted the agency that takes care of the needs of the poor and less fortunate into Diyar.

The new constitution document appeared unpublished in March, but it was expected for some time. The Vatican Council has been working on it for years.

John Paul II

The new constitution replaces the 1988 Constitution of Pope John Paul II (The Good Shepherd), which was in effect until now.

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