Putin buys “the largest apartment in Russia” for his alleged mistress

Russian President Vladimir Putin has bought a 2,600-square-foot apartment in Sochi, Russia. Investigators are sure that Alina Kabaeva is moving in. She is seen as Putin’s mistress.

A luxury apartment worth $15 million has been sold to a friend of Putin’s in Sochi, Russia. The property papers are in the name of Sergei Rudnov, the son of an old friend of the president. This has an independent research team project I slept. One of his researchers pretended to be an interested buyer in Sochi.

According to Projekt, Alina Kabayeva is going to move into the penthouse with her two children. Kabaeva, 39, is a former Olympic gymnast, who has been described by many as Putin’s mistress. It’s a 2,600-square-foot penthouse, and it’s probably the largest apartment in Russia. The complex has twenty rooms, a cinema, a private gallery, a Japanese patio, a Moroccan-style barbecue area, a bar with waterfalls, and two floors for staff.

Prior to the sale and renovations, the penthouse was briefly on a real estate agency’s website, with 3D photos of the interior. These are the images that Projekt shows in its search. The sale negotiations were in the hands of Putin’s friends, such as the Rotenberg brothers. A researcher from Projekt has learned that the developer has received a fifth of the amount he originally requested. Developer employees said that negotiations and communications should take place in the strictest confidence. The code word was “gymnast”.

Alina Kabaeva.

Photo: TASS/Abaca

According to his tax returns, Russian President Vladimir Putin has an average income and an average home. In addition, he has very luxurious mansions and apartments, the ownership documents for which are always in someone else’s name. This is also the case now. The money Sergei Rudnov used to buy the apartment comes from the Cypriot offshore company Ermera, which is run by an acquaintance of the president. Projekt calls this company the “Presidential Portfolio”.

Putin buys

There is also a cinema.

Photo: Project

A few years ago, well-known Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, now in captivity, showed photos and videos of a huge, luxurious mansion built for Putin on the Black Sea. There, too, was not a single document directly referring to him.

video | Navalny unveils Putin’s giant palace on the Black Sea

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