New York Attorney General: “Trump Organization Fraud Pattern”

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The business empire of former US President Donald Trump repeatedly used fraudulent business practices, according to the New York attorney general. The goal was to obtain “many economic benefits,” according to Letitia James. This included obtaining loans, insurance, and tax credits. This is the first time that the attorney general has made such concrete allegations against Trump’s company, the US New York Times reports.

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According to the prosecution, the company made misleading statements to lenders, insurance companies and the IRS about the value of six Trump properties, including golf clubs and well-known buildings such as Trump Tower in New York. Also about the “Trump brand” he could have been lied to. In this way, the Trump Organization may have been trying to paint a more positive picture of Trump’s fortune, James said.

She has filed for impeachment against former President Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. To hand over documents and answer questions about major Trump Organization property evaluations. The investigation has since become one of the biggest legal threats to Trump, who is considering a new presidential nomination in 2024, according to US financial news agency Bloomberg.

“So far in our investigation, we have discovered significant evidence indicating that the Trump Organization has used fraudulent or misleading asset assessments to obtain a range of economic benefits, including loans, insurance, and tax credits,” James’ proposal said.

Letitia James has been investigating Trump’s business interests for two years. The attorney general, a Democrat and outspoken Trump opponent, responded by requesting an earlier move by Trump’s team to halt the investigation because it was politically motivated. A judge has already rejected this argument at least twice before in the case.

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According to the attorney general, the Trump Organization is trying to slow down the investigation with all kinds of delays of more than two years. In December, Trump took legal action against James.

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