Next Generation CPUs: Ryzen 7000 vs. Lake Raptor

We’re expecting new processors from both AMD and Intel this fall. At AMD, it’s been nearly two years since the Ryzen 5000 series debuted, while on Intel’s Raptor Lake Alder Lake tracks extraordinarily fast. We already know a lot about these new CPUs. How will the AMD Ryzen 7000 and the 13th Gen Intel Core processors compare?

Both CPU designers have already released the necessary information about future generations of desktop CPUs. Intel already showed off the top model of its generation of Raptor Lake in February, during event for investors. AMD Showcases First Ryzen 7000 Chip through Computexand he came Analyst’s Day In June with more details.

Lisa Su, CEO of AMD with Ryzen 7000 processor

However, we can now list several facts. The cycle of rumors surrounding future processors from AMD and Intel is running at full speed. Intel in particular has been very bad at keeping secrets. The necessary pre-production copies are already circulating in China and it is almost remarkable that the complete SKU table with all clock frequencies has yet to be leaked. However, Ryzen 7000 processors are also available Model names And the Ban dates in the street.

On the following pages, we’ll go through the top five facts we already know about the AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel Raptor Lake, for each processor. Furthermore, we calculate our expectations for performance and power consumption. Finally, we’re looking forward to the competition that kicks off this fall.

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