Night Watch gets its third movie: “Fans keep asking …

After “The Gate of Souls” and “The Dark Heart”, the popular youth series “Night Watch” will have a third movie. With 80,000 cosplay costumes and 100,000 encyclopedias sold, the Studio 100 brand is still not worn out.

Bloody Moon DayThis is how the third Night Watch will be called. It will be released in cinemas beginning December 15th and will be a co-production with Ketnet. It should come as no surprise that the film was released at all: the fictional series about Eleven Keelin (Celine Verbeek), the werewolf Wilko (Giovanni Kemper) and the vampire Vlad (Louis Thyssen) have been around for six years, with 56 episodes ending. Five seasons, still very popular. And one of the artworks in Studio 100. “The crowd keeps asking for new stories,” it looks like here.

The numbers confirm this: 80,000 outfits and 100,000 outfits were sold Night guardEncyclopedias. The songs are broadcast 1.9 million times a year, a video clip of the song of the same name Night guard It has already been viewed 2.5 million times on YouTube. The cinema box office also rings: to the first movie The dark heart 265,000 people went to see the second movie De Boorte of goals It attracted 180 thousand visitors. Add to this, among other things, two stage shows, a comic series, board games, wall stickers, dolls and beds.

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Also for parents

Night guard Came there a few years ago after a movie series like twilight The fantasy genre took about werewolves and vampires to unprecedented heights. Lewis Thyssen (25 years old, Vlad) is proud of the fact that the series was a huge success from the start. “We have noticed that Night guard It became increasingly common, and this development never stopped. Fans clearly love seeing us, and it’s nice to see that we’re not only reaching kids with series and movies, but also, for our TV series and picture books. Moreover, we also appeal to parents. The series is aimed at children, but it is not presented in a childish way. “

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The new movie will focus on the story of werewolves who have to fight each other.

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