One dead and 12 missing after a ship capsized off the coast of Loewe …

At least one person is killed and 12 others are missing after a ship capsized in a hurricane south of Fuchun Harbor, Louisiana. It is a lift vessel used to access oil platforms. Six crew members have been rescued, according to US Coast Guard reports.

Rescue ships, aircraft and volunteers are searching for survivors in the Gulf of Mexico. The 39-meter-high vessel called Seacor Power capsized Tuesday at around 11:30 pm local time, about 8 miles from Fuchun Port.

Coast Guard Commander Will Watson reports that rescuers are exploring the area. According to him, there may still be survivors on the capsized ship.

“Unfortunately, a person was found dead on the surface of the water,” Watson added. Two of the survivors were captured by the Coast Guard and four others by the other ships.

Flashes and high waves

In Louisiana, violent storms broke out, Tuesday, according to US media. Flood and storm warnings have been issued, with 2 to 5 inches of rain falling on Tuesday evening and winds of 50 mph over the mainland.

According to the coast guard, winds reached 130 kilometers per hour when the ship capsized. In addition, there could be waves between two and three meters high.

The lift vessel, also known as a lift platform, is used by energy companies to operate on oil rigs or to access oil rigs. The ship type has several long extendable arms through which it can reach the sea floor so that the platform can be lifted.

A crew member is rescued.
Photo: via Reuters
One dead and 12 missing after the ship capsized off Louisiana
Photo: via Reuters
One dead and 12 missing after the ship capsized off Louisiana
Photo: via Reuters
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